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TEvyy Clinic Management Portal

We have introduced a powerful, custom-made software to be employed as the clinic management system for everyone with a small clinic to large hospitals. We each feature largely tweakable to your requirements; our software can be used for absolutely any need.

Below is a gist of how amazing it is and it’s working features. And of course, the list isn’t exhaustive!


  • Common Dashboard: Allows you to view important hospital modules like appointments, services, doctors, etc.
  • Multi clinic: Manage multiple clinics, all from one dashboard.
  • SMS Notification: Notification alerts are sent through SMS on important events marked, such as booking confirmation, appointment reminder etc.
  • Multi Language: Entire software has a feature to customize language preference.
  • Report: Software allows you to tap the data by generating reports for management.
  • Prescription Print: Get a complete list of medicine prescription at one place and print it for your reference.
  • Bill print: Generate invoice for patients and maintain the record.
  • Module enable/Disable option: Select and switch to enable a particular module or disable it as per your requirement.
  • Registration: Patients can register by self or the receptionist can register them in case of walk-in.
  • Calendar: Direct scheduling and syncing of doctor’s and patient’s schedule to their online calendars as required.
  • Notes: Pre-check-up notes and observations can be added by the patient and the receptionist, which will reflect on the doctor’s module.
  • Video Consultancy: With our Zoom integration, we offer even telemed features for the clinic.
  • Storage: All the patient reports and bills are stored on cloud, and accessible to the patient and doctor at all times.
  • Mobile Application: The entire software is mobile application compatible and can be seamlessly made into an app.

We could go on and on about the features and usefulness of the TEvyy Clinic Management Portal, but we aren’t here to bore you. For a much more in-depth explanation and a demo, you can contact our team and we will be happy to help you.

Oh, and we forgot one more point, the TEvyy Clinic Management Portal has workflows set just in line with the workings of an actual clinic. So, it isn’t a shift from what you do, but just a much better and efficient way to do things. Again, do contact us for more details.

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Client Name : Anjaneya Clinic
Category : Automation
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Address : Kota, Rajasthan


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