Automation & App Integration


With SMEs being the heartbeat of the world economy, we at TEvyy thought, why not provide them with a service that makes their businesses more efficient, profitable, and growth-inclined. What started off as an experimental service for our clients, Business Automation is now a full-standalone service any of you can avail of.

We’d like to expand upon the challenges, solutions, and results of our first client, NiftyHomes, to opt for this service of Business Automation and the impact it had on their business.

Challenges for the Software:

1. Creating a user-friendly workflow, with efficient customization for every need.

With the host of different fields SMEs operate today, each with its unique workflow and requirement, TEvyy needed to hit the right spot with a tool, which could be modified to every clients’ needs. Sure, there are SaaS platforms that offer automation tools, but none with the personalized touch and configuration we were looking for. This made us try different workflows and permutations to realize the perfect match.

Another aspect of this was to make sure the cost of service does not reach unaffordable levels in terms of a business expense.


Keeping all the challenges in mind, we came to a near-perfect solution of intra-usage of workflow management tools such as Notion, Zapier, and Pabbly. Combining these with the correct API integrations, gave us a powerful tool to work with, and offer to our clients.

2. Understanding and integrating each custom requirement of our clients, with the process still being smooth for everyone.

Sometimes trying to offer too much to clients becomes cumbersome and inefficient. This is exactly what we wanted to avoid despite keeping all functionalities.


We made sure to set and follow a standard system of procedures while in the process of client introduction. We formed separate teams to attend each meeting to make sure that no point of concern is being missed out and we have our checklist ticked.

Our team suggested and devised workflows for the clients, all while keeping them in the loop for every step. This made the entire process much easier and smooth for all who were involved. With time, this process got more ironed out and quick for onboarding.

Client Testimonials:

Challenges faced by NiftyHomes:

Being an Indian eCommerce store, dealing with luxury hand-crafted items, NiftyHomes was facing a huge time delay in the processing of their orders. This made their work hours more focused on operations management, rather than growth. A majority of their processes were manual work, keeping the error chances also high. With the introduction of TEvyy Business Automation, all these issues were solved rapidly.

These can be summed up as:

-> Cutting short order processing times due to manual work.

-> Decreasing error rate while processing the orders.

-> Reducing overhead costs due to the extensive time put in manual work and also the error rate in the same.

-> Making automated daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

-> An automated, cloud storage for all the bills for a smoother tax filing.


Meticulously curated workflows were designed with several app integrations to best cut short any time delays. Getting a majority of order-processing systems automated, drastically reduced the error rates of the orders.

Several easy-to-use dashboards were created and all of NiftyHomes’ workers were sufficiently trained in using and applying basic modifications on the same. This made them self-reliant and offered much better efficiencies.


-> Order processing times were cut short by more than 80% from 3 days to less than 12 hours.

-> Error rates in orders were cut short by more than 90%.

-> Overhead costs were reduced by 25% due to the reduction in manual work hours.

-> Customer satisfaction and retention rate shot by 15% due to faster delivery times.

-> Time invested in management decreased to almost a third, while time for growth increased. This led to a revenue increase of 12% month-on-month.

Server Management


TEvyy is an online and local web development and graphics design farm. When it comes to web design and development, Tevyy seeks to offer a complete solution including domain name, web hosting services, secure socket layer (SSL), and online merchant services so the customer does not need to deal with multiple vendors. The company aims to provide the best solution within its capacity as well as deal with 3rd party vendors on behalf of their clients.

TEvyy is employing CloudingKings.com (CK) to host its own infrastructure and to host its client websites. TEvyy is currently utilizing a Virtual Dedicated Server and Hybrid Cloud Hosting set-up for its client web-based application and data storage. By utilizing VPS and Hybrid Cloud Hosting, clients were isolated based on demand to fulfill their site requirements for efficient load-time. TEvyy required that the VPS and Hybrid Cloud Hosting be fully managed for security and uptime including mitigation of DDOS attacks and application layer security threats.


  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Managed hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Colocation

Successful Results:

TEvyy had specific requirements and Clouding Kings was thrilled to oblige. By listening to our requirements, Clouding Kings was able to provide us with a custom-tailored solution built from the ground up and customized just for our requirements. With hosting and security outsourced to our team, We were able to better focus on providing our clients with what they do best.  As a result, TEvyy and Clouding Kings continue their partnership and are continually planning and seamlessly scaling towards future goals.

Clinic & Patient EHR

TEvyy Clinic Management Portal

We have introduced a powerful, custom-made software to be employed as the clinic management system for everyone with a small clinic to large hospitals. We each feature largely tweakable to your requirements; our software can be used for absolutely any need.

Below is a gist of how amazing it is and it’s working features. And of course, the list isn’t exhaustive!


  • Common Dashboard: Allows you to view important hospital modules like appointments, services, doctors, etc.
  • Multi clinic: Manage multiple clinics, all from one dashboard.
  • SMS Notification: Notification alerts are sent through SMS on important events marked, such as booking confirmation, appointment reminder etc.
  • Multi Language: Entire software has a feature to customize language preference.
  • Report: Software allows you to tap the data by generating reports for management.
  • Prescription Print: Get a complete list of medicine prescription at one place and print it for your reference.
  • Bill print: Generate invoice for patients and maintain the record.
  • Module enable/Disable option: Select and switch to enable a particular module or disable it as per your requirement.
  • Registration: Patients can register by self or the receptionist can register them in case of walk-in.
  • Calendar: Direct scheduling and syncing of doctor’s and patient’s schedule to their online calendars as required.
  • Notes: Pre-check-up notes and observations can be added by the patient and the receptionist, which will reflect on the doctor’s module.
  • Video Consultancy: With our Zoom integration, we offer even telemed features for the clinic.
  • Storage: All the patient reports and bills are stored on cloud, and accessible to the patient and doctor at all times.
  • Mobile Application: The entire software is mobile application compatible and can be seamlessly made into an app.

We could go on and on about the features and usefulness of the TEvyy Clinic Management Portal, but we aren’t here to bore you. For a much more in-depth explanation and a demo, you can contact our team and we will be happy to help you.

Oh, and we forgot one more point, the TEvyy Clinic Management Portal has workflows set just in line with the workings of an actual clinic. So, it isn’t a shift from what you do, but just a much better and efficient way to do things. Again, do contact us for more details.



Pipory is a social media platform aimed towards encouraging and rewarding artists in the field of poetry, art, photography, and stories. We believe that there is an artist in every one of us that deserves to be recognized and rewarded for their creativity in this mechanized world.


Reward-Based System

Since the human mind is so complex that whenever we get a reward, special pathways in our brain become activated and makes us seek out more rewards. Our app offers pip coins to our users for every achievement from posting their first work to making a new friend in the community.


Join and meet a bunch of like-minded people. Connect and follow their work to get inspired about creating your own work.

Curated Content for you

Based on what your likes and dislikes are our systems will specially design and curate your feed for you.

In-App Store

The In-app store offers discounts and giveaways at top brands. A user can use his pip coins to purchase and offer and redeem them at his/her/their favorite store.


Our editor allows you to choose from a wide variety of options and post your content in the way you always wanted without any restrictions. Pick your favorite font and throw in some color and have your post ready in minutes.

Monetize your work

Make money by posting your work. Every user can make money for their work once they are verified by our team. A user gets verified after they have met the terms and conditions specified by the team.

Linguistic diversity

Creativity knows no boundaries and language is not one of them on our app. Users can choose to view the app and its contents in different languages.


Event organizers can set up competitions on the app and use it as a platform to organize events in schools, colleges, etc. Every user needs to sign up and register for the competition.

Sign In and Sign Up

Sign up for the application by using google or your regular email.

The features of this application go way beyond the features explained above however, our app wishes to change the way society looks at poetry, art, and stories as just a hobby. We want to make sure that every user feels ecstatic around a set of people who are discovering their love for art.

Make sure you sign up to Pipory and wake up the artist in you!

Anjaneya Clinic


Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care is a multi-specialty clinic based in Kota, India with 6 highly qualified and skilled doctors. They focus on arthroscopic surgery, total joint replacement, sports injury, gynecologist endoscopic surgeries, and fertility enhancement surgeries. Starting in 2020, Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care, with its founder, Dr. Deepak Khandelwal, had the ambition to be the best clinic for its specialties in Rajasthan.

Of course, the skills of the doctors play a huge part in achieving this goal, but we all know what actually gets people in mass numbers to recognize you. Branding. This is where TEvyy and Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care joined hands to help them realize their dream.


1. Converting a traditional offline service into a full-fledged digital brand.

Well, Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care is one place, where the challenge exactly embodies our motto, from ‘Business to Brand’. Getting people to recognise a traditionally offline service, even in an entire city, is one of the most difficult challenges we faced as a team. We had to start right from scratch, in devising a marketing, branding, and growth strategy. With only a few examples to refer from, such as Fortis, most of our strategies were thought of and implemented at that point.


The solutions in this channel shift were multi-fold:

-> First and foremost, came the website for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care. The most basic requirement for starting to have an online presence was worked on first. A beautiful website was created, with a calming theme to fit the requirement. It contained all functionalities with information, appointment booking, a patient dashboard, and a medical store for home delivery.

-> The entire website was optimized with SEO, both in local as well as regional terms. SEO alone, with the competition being slim, increased the footfall to a great extent.

-> Organic growth through social media management through video and image creatives. We tapped Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for starters.

-> For exponential growth, with TEvyy’s designed awareness and reach campaigns, paid marketing was opted for on Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp. We’d love to, but we can’t disclose the awareness strategies here.

-> The final thing here is the mobile application, which is currently under development. This will give Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care the reach and credibility they will require to achieve their ambition.

Of course, these solutions and plans of action are not exhaustive, but this is just a gist of what has been done yet for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care.

Key Takeaway

With the right strategies and planning, we realized that even getting a traditionally offline service to achieve success in the digital space isn’t impossible. Hence, all you need for your brand is getting someone to make the perfect plan for you.

2. Patient support management.

Believe it or not, a survey conducted by TEvyy with 10+ doctors on what service they are looking for the most, was patient support management. Nearly all of them said their current manual systems were both cumbersome and inadequate. This caused them to have their precious time being taken away by mere patient support management.


Again, we at TEvyy opted for a multi-fold approach:

-> WhatsApp API was integrated to cater to automated booking reminders, payment links, and basic query solving.

-> A live chat was integrated on the website for human communication and solution to specific problems.

-> A dedicated telephone number was set up with a landing flow to guide each patient with the information they require.

-> Routing system on both chat and telephone to connect to the right person, without having to break the flow of chat/ conversation.

Key Takeaway

Having a dedicated support management system not only reduces unnecessary workload from you but also, better prepares brands to tackle a high demand and enable quick resolution. This makes your brand more desirable and efficient for growth.


-> An online monthly average growth of 22% being achieved consistently for the past 7 months, in terms of website visits and engagement on social media.

-> Direct searches for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care on google increased 17% every month, implying word-of-mouth growth and social reach.

-> Results in the top page of Google for relevant searches in the state region.

-> The doctors have to devote next to no time for support management.



A Luxury Home Decor Brand

NiftyHomes started as a luxury home décor brand in 2020, has grown considerably in a relatively short span of time. NiftyHomes brought to life traditional Indian craftsmanship, with all its products being specifically handcrafted. With designs inspired by the Indian environment, it shows their deep-rooted love for the country. NiftyHomes, through its craft and designs, not only empowers local artisans and markets but also wants to make the houses of its customers look beautiful.


Creating a customer base for a new brand with a cart value of a minimum of $100.

The Indian home decor industry is characterized by a high level of competition. There are many brands offering a cheaper product, to which the customers easily fall prey, not considering the huge difference in quality. This makes it all the more difficult to carve out a share of the market and earn a profit. It is even more difficult to win a place among the consumers who do not compromise on the style or quality of the products. This is where NiftyHomes comes in. With premium designs, exclusively sold at their stores, the focus was on customers who not only preferred luxury home decor but also had the money to back their expensive taste. After all, not everyone can spend $100 on decorative products.

The main challenges which the NiftyHomes team had to tackle can be summed up as:

-> Finding the target market of people willing to spend at least $100 on NiftyHomes products.

-> Managing the high CPM rate to ensure that the marketing costs do not go over budget.

-> Converting the traffic into leads & customers.

Keeping the RTO percentage to a minimum with the high value of Cash on Delivery orders

With the entire Indian e-commerce industry mainly functioning on the Cash on Delivery payment mode, it becomes a priority to keep the RTO percentages to a minimum in order to earn profits. It becomes much more important when the average value of the products is $100, with high shipping costs and huge parcel sizes. This is where the unique workflow and order confirmation process of NiftyHomes works its charms. Getting their customers to confirm and accept the products is the greatest challenge.

To rapidly scale the NiftyHomes brand and ensure a profitable return.

Despite its success and fast growth, it can be challenging for a brand to establish a market share in a highly competitive industry. NiftyHomes’ main concern was to improve the sales of their luxury wall décor product line in a short period. After carefully considering their options, NiftyHomes approached TEvyy. The goal was to rapidly scale the wall decor product line of the NiftyHomes brand and ensure a profitable return.


-> Jump in customer retention by 15%

-> Increase in website traffic by 40%

-> RTO percentages to below 10% (7-9% range) against an industry average of 21%.

-> NiftyHomes wall décor product sales: 58%

-> Return on Ad Spend (RoAS): 6.5X (every $1 in spending on ads results in a sale of $6.5)