Pipory is a social media platform aimed towards encouraging and rewarding artists in the field of poetry, art, photography, and stories. We believe that there is an artist in every one of us that deserves to be recognized and rewarded for their creativity in this mechanized world.


Reward-Based System

Since the human mind is so complex that whenever we get a reward, special pathways in our brain become activated and makes us seek out more rewards. Our app offers pip coins to our users for every achievement from posting their first work to making a new friend in the community.


Join and meet a bunch of like-minded people. Connect and follow their work to get inspired about creating your own work.

Curated Content for you

Based on what your likes and dislikes are our systems will specially design and curate your feed for you.

In-App Store

The In-app store offers discounts and giveaways at top brands. A user can use his pip coins to purchase and offer and redeem them at his/her/their favorite store.


Our editor allows you to choose from a wide variety of options and post your content in the way you always wanted without any restrictions. Pick your favorite font and throw in some color and have your post ready in minutes.

Monetize your work

Make money by posting your work. Every user can make money for their work once they are verified by our team. A user gets verified after they have met the terms and conditions specified by the team.

Linguistic diversity

Creativity knows no boundaries and language is not one of them on our app. Users can choose to view the app and its contents in different languages.


Event organizers can set up competitions on the app and use it as a platform to organize events in schools, colleges, etc. Every user needs to sign up and register for the competition.

Sign In and Sign Up

Sign up for the application by using google or your regular email.

The features of this application go way beyond the features explained above however, our app wishes to change the way society looks at poetry, art, and stories as just a hobby. We want to make sure that every user feels ecstatic around a set of people who are discovering their love for art.

Make sure you sign up to Pipory and wake up the artist in you!

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Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra


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