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With SMEs being the heartbeat of the world economy, we at TEvyy thought, why not provide them with a service that makes their businesses more efficient, profitable, and growth-inclined. What started off as an experimental service for our clients, Business Automation is now a full-standalone service any of you can avail of.

We’d like to expand upon the challenges, solutions, and results of our first client, NiftyHomes, to opt for this service of Business Automation and the impact it had on their business.

Challenges for the Software:

1. Creating a user-friendly workflow, with efficient customization for every need.

With the host of different fields SMEs operate today, each with its unique workflow and requirement, TEvyy needed to hit the right spot with a tool, which could be modified to every clients’ needs. Sure, there are SaaS platforms that offer automation tools, but none with the personalized touch and configuration we were looking for. This made us try different workflows and permutations to realize the perfect match.

Another aspect of this was to make sure the cost of service does not reach unaffordable levels in terms of a business expense.

Keeping all the challenges in mind, we came to a near-perfect solution of intra-usage of workflow management tools such as Notion, Zapier, and Pabbly. Combining these with the correct API integrations, gave us a powerful tool to work with, and offer to our clients.

2. Understanding and integrating each custom requirement of our clients, with the process still being smooth for everyone.

Sometimes trying to offer too much to clients becomes cumbersome and inefficient. This is exactly what we wanted to avoid despite keeping all functionalities.

We made sure to set and follow a standard system of procedures while in the process of client introduction. We formed separate teams to attend each meeting to make sure that no point of concern is being missed out and we have our checklist ticked.
Our team suggested and devised workflows for the clients, all while keeping them in the loop for every step. This made the entire process much easier and smooth for all who were involved. With time, this process got more ironed out and quick for onboarding.

Client Testimonials:

Challenges faced by NiftyHomes:

Being an Indian eCommerce store, dealing with luxury hand-crafted items, NiftyHomes was facing a huge time delay in the processing of their orders. This made their work hours more focused on operations management, rather than growth. A majority of their processes were manual work, keeping the error chances also high. With the introduction of TEvyy Business Automation, all these issues were solved rapidly.

These can be summed up as:

-> Cutting short order processing times due to manual work.
-> Decreasing error rate while processing the orders.
-> Reducing overhead costs due to the extensive time put in manual work and also the error rate in the same.
-> Making automated daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.
-> An automated, cloud storage for all the bills for a smoother tax filing.

Meticulously curated workflows were designed with several app integrations to best cut short any time delays. Getting a majority of order-processing systems automated, drastically reduced the error rates of the orders.
Several easy-to-use dashboards were created and all of NiftyHomes’ workers were sufficiently trained in using and applying basic modifications on the same. This made them self-reliant and offered much better efficiencies.


-> Order processing times were cut short by more than 80% from 3 days to less than 12 hours.
-> Error rates in orders were cut short by more than 90%.
-> Overhead costs were reduced by 25% due to the reduction in manual work hours.
-> Customer satisfaction and retention rate shot by 15% due to faster delivery times.
-> Time invested in management decreased to almost a third, while time for growth increased. This led to a revenue increase of 12% month-on-month.

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Client Name : Nifty Homes
Category : Branding
Date : Posted on
Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra


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