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NiftyHomes started as a luxury home décor brand in 2020, has grown considerably in a relatively short span of time. NiftyHomes brought to life traditional Indian craftsmanship, with all its products being specifically handcrafted. With designs inspired by the Indian environment, it shows their deep-rooted love for the country. NiftyHomes, through its craft and designs, not only empowers local artisans and markets but also wants to make the houses of its customers look beautiful.


Creating a customer base for a new brand with a cart value of a minimum of $100.

The Indian home decor industry is characterized by a high level of competition. There are many brands offering a cheaper product, to which the customers easily fall prey, not considering the huge difference in quality. This makes it all the more difficult to carve out a share of the market and earn a profit. It is even more difficult to win a place among the consumers who do not compromise on the style or quality of the products. This is where NiftyHomes comes in. With premium designs, exclusively sold at their stores, the focus was on customers who not only preferred luxury home decor but also had the money to back their expensive taste. After all, not everyone can spend $100 on decorative products.

The main challenges which the NiftyHomes team had to tackle can be summed up as:

-> Finding the target market of people willing to spend at least $100 on NiftyHomes products.
-> Managing the high CPM rate to ensure that the marketing costs do not go over budget.
-> Converting the traffic into leads & customers.

Keeping the RTO percentage to a minimum with the high value of Cash on Delivery orders

With the entire Indian e-commerce industry mainly functioning on the Cash on Delivery payment mode, it becomes a priority to keep the RTO percentages to a minimum in order to earn profits. It becomes much more important when the average value of the products is $100, with high shipping costs and huge parcel sizes. This is where the unique workflow and order confirmation process of NiftyHomes works its charms. Getting their customers to confirm and accept the products is the greatest challenge.

To rapidly scale the NiftyHomes brand and ensure a profitable return.

Despite its success and fast growth, it can be challenging for a brand to establish a market share in a highly competitive industry. NiftyHomes' main concern was to improve the sales of their luxury wall décor product line in a short period. After carefully considering their options, NiftyHomes approached TEvyy. The goal was to rapidly scale the wall decor product line of the NiftyHomes brand and ensure a profitable return.


-> Jump in customer retention by 15%
-> Increase in website traffic by 40%
-> RTO percentages to below 10% (7-9% range) against an industry average of 21%.
-> NiftyHomes wall décor product sales: 58%
-> Return on Ad Spend (RoAS): 6.5X (every $1 in spending on ads results in a sale of $6.5)

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Client Name : NiftyHomes
Category : Design
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Address : Mumbai, Maharashtra


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