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Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care is a multi-specialty clinic based in Kota, India with 6 highly qualified and skilled doctors. They focus on arthroscopic surgery, total joint replacement, sports injury, gynecologist endoscopic surgeries, and fertility enhancement surgeries. Starting in 2020, Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care, with its founder, Dr. Deepak Khandelwal, had the ambition to be the best clinic for its specialties in Rajasthan.

Of course, the skills of the doctors play a huge part in achieving this goal, but we all know what actually gets people in mass numbers to recognize you. Branding. This is where TEvyy and Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care joined hands to help them realize their dream.


1. Converting a traditional offline service into a full-fledged digital brand.

Well, Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care is one place, where the challenge exactly embodies our motto, from ‘Business to Brand’. Getting people to recognise a traditionally offline service, even in an entire city, is one of the most difficult challenges we faced as a team. We had to start right from scratch, in devising a marketing, branding, and growth strategy. With only a few examples to refer from, such as Fortis, most of our strategies were thought of and implemented at that point.

The solutions in this channel shift were multi-fold:

-> First and foremost, came the website for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care. The most basic requirement for starting to have an online presence was worked on first. A beautiful website was created, with a calming theme to fit the requirement. It contained all functionalities with information, appointment booking, a patient dashboard, and a medical store for home delivery.

-> The entire website was optimized with SEO, both in local as well as regional terms. SEO alone, with the competition being slim, increased the footfall to a great extent.

-> Organic growth through social media management through video and image creatives. We tapped Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for starters.
-> For exponential growth, with TEvyy’s designed awareness and reach campaigns, paid marketing was opted for on Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp. We’d love to, but we can’t disclose the awareness strategies here.

-> The final thing here is the mobile application, which is currently under development. This will give Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care the reach and credibility they will require to achieve their ambition.

Of course, these solutions and plans of action are not exhaustive, but this is just a gist of what has been done yet for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care.

Key Takeaway
With the right strategies and planning, we realized that even getting a traditionally offline service to achieve success in the digital space isn’t impossible. Hence, all you need for your brand is getting someone to make the perfect plan for you.

2. Patient support management.

Believe it or not, a survey conducted by TEvyy with 10+ doctors on what service they are looking for the most, was patient support management. Nearly all of them said their current manual systems were both cumbersome and inadequate. This caused them to have their precious time being taken away by mere patient support management.

Again, we at TEvyy opted for a multi-fold approach:

-> WhatsApp API was integrated to cater to automated booking reminders, payment links, and basic query solving.
-> A live chat was integrated on the website for human communication and solution to specific problems.
-> A dedicated telephone number was set up with a landing flow to guide each patient with the information they require.
-> Routing system on both chat and telephone to connect to the right person, without having to break the flow of chat/ conversation.

Key Takeaway
Having a dedicated support management system not only reduces unnecessary workload from you but also, better prepares brands to tackle a high demand and enable quick resolution. This makes your brand more desirable and efficient for growth.


-> An online monthly average growth of 22% being achieved consistently for the past 7 months, in terms of website visits and engagement on social media.
-> Direct searches for Anjaneya Ortho & Gynaec Care on google increased 17% every month, implying word-of-mouth growth and social reach.
-> Results in the top page of Google for relevant searches in the state region.
-> The doctors have to devote next to no time for support management.

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